STEM Education Program

Norstem AS offers STEM education program to school students. STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. We focus on four major areas like Product Design(3D), Robotics, Electronics, and Software Programming. We provide lab facilities where students come, learn and experiment technology.


Product Design (3D)

Almost every innovation can start with a 3D design. We see the need for students to learn a 3D software which can help them bring their ideas to reality via 3D printing, making prototypes, understand assembly, technical drawings and fabrication of parts.



Robots have become a part of our everyday life. World is proceeding faster towards “Robotic Process automation” than expected. Soon in the future, we are going to notice human robots mimicking and replacing the routine jobs of human beings. It's the need of the hour that students understand more about robots and it's applications.



Everywhere around us we see circuits. May be it's a mobile phone, a computer or any electronic gadget for that matter. It's important for students to understand the basics of electronics which will help them connect real life with technology and innovate new solutions.


Software programming

To make innovation complete, students should learn more about software programming. It's really hard to imagine any innovation that doesn't require a need to code. Everything that works has some sort of code in it. So do we introduce students to software programming. In this digital world, we have so many programming options which makes software programming fun to students.

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